Westcott Bulb Project


Sue Ellen Romanowski

Member of the Cazenovia  Artisans co-op

Her Work For Sale

“Oak Leaf” is a framed piece 12” square.  The motif is created with several different threads on a piece of hand-dyed cotton.  Value  $95.00

“Tweedlebrook” is 22” height X 18”.  The background for the appliquéd butterfly is made with many small pieces of chartreuse colored fabrics.  The butterfly is made with different shades of pink, orange & yellow hand-dyed fabrics.  It is embellished with beads, tiny buttons and shisha mirrors.   Value $335.00

“Leaves of Gold” 29 ½” height X 37”.  The center is composed of 1 ½” squares of printed fabric.  It is embellished with small pieces of additional
 fabrics on the surface and threadpainted to enhance the pond scene.   Value $265.00

“Grandma’s Flowers”  -  30 ½” Height x 25”   The flowers are made of many small pieces of fabric with thread work on the surface.  Value: $125.00
“6 Gingko Leaves”   -  24” height X 12”.   The leaves are created with 6 different shades of turquoise thread on a background piece of hand-dyed cotton.  Value  $130.00
Images Below
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